My body is in an eternal drought
Possessing my thirsts
That shallows my hidden substance
I am created rare and intrigued
Entertaining my senses I indulge
The embraces of my weakness
Consumed by female flesh
That is pleasing and captivating
I give birth to the brilliance
A subdued moment touches
My alluring life
I am taken in by urges
That dwell within my core
Compelling suffering that I
Without a definition of the lust
That straddled me


My shame has broken me into a shackled flaw
I can not rise from
Detached sensations I can no longer feel
Leaving me caged within the shadow that follows me
The protection I longed for
Trembled with fear
That I could not find my salvation
My soul collapsed within the breast of tides
Flooding out reason
Confessing the unwanted transformation
Attached to my heart
Penetrating suffering anchored me
The darkness that followed my bearing
Enveloped the small distance
I knew from right and wrong
I was broken
The breadth between loving myself
Closed in my sphere
Awaken and in a daze… I released
All the kept my Spirit lost
It came to me with the strength of
Great waves
Pulsating forgiveness for my heart
The legends unbounded me from displeasure
I felt the passing of something good
Enchanting my desires
Free and elated I felt no more
Sickness piercing through me
All my senses had become amplified
Heavily at still with peace
My life mattered.



I was defeated and held suffering by my captivity
The shield that I had been bonded to had shown me no release
Wasted infliction tore down my defenses
The darkness surrounding the cave unforgiving
Alone I was in my dormant silence
The air was musky and owned a calamity of afflictions
The wet breath that escaped my body was dense
I could not be worth saving
I knelt down to a solace gathering
Gently removing the silhouette drape across my neck
I laid it down before my feet
I was more humble now more then I had ever felt before
Battered and bruised I surrendered…

Taken in by a overwhelming sensation my body withdrew all strength
Overcome by absolute reformation
A heightened awareness wallowed in my spirit
I was shielded by all my waste that burrowed within
Liberated and subdued
Salvation enveloped me beautifully.sasha-freemind-1679-unsplash.jpg


The constant waves of solitude from you to my loving arms keep my love enticed within my pillar fortress. Roused by a blazing fire. My soul is spicy, raw, submitting. Seeing you perfectly without flaw is an attraction beyond expression. Your voice how deep and mysterious keeping my lips and body salacious. My lips spell out capture imagining the heat of our touch laying upon each other. I walk undulated, tantalizing my body is weak from the murmur of your desperate plea. I will wait for the season of fall and the beauty of the season as it rushes over me and the breeze waits to catch her breath. Stimulating while stripping my soul out for you to bare, for you, I give you my defense and my magnificent armor Letting my guard open for your trusting masterpiece.used11

Rags Of Erotic Pleasure~

I admit I am passive about love. The avenue of seduction that I have is raw and subtle, making you an instrument of my soul. Your entity is a creative sacrifice, a wholeness that creeps out of your heart to my paint-stained floors. Torn into rags of erotic pleasures. I seek you out as a lion seeks out his prey. I have no mercy for you. I was not made to be weak but strong in my longings., I have found you, and I want you to become part of me, all of me I have found love.




You give my life substance adjoined with love, your ethereal strength engulfs me through pathways from your deepest core. Lead me through to the enlightenment of different surrenders that carry me to the sea. Driftwood collides to the shore and I am safe from fear,  as I  gaze at stars hidden from the sky lighting up with brilliance. A new dawn welcomes me to substance, I drown with the thought of your spirit how complete It is. To love you and breathe the same air caresses my body of peace, sweet songs of surrender echoes surround me. I press my essence against your heart as it beats a little faster… my breath goes weak. I hardly can utter a word to you for you have taken my breath away.

woman holding her knees

Swelling Of My Heart~

Escaping your existing, you rise to a passing with my heart torn apart. I love you dearly with the swelling of my heart and the ache In my breath. My heart is inflamed with the moments we shared, can I ease my heartbreak and the loss of my dearest friend? You’re weak and ready to release your last sacred breath, how could I deny your dying wishes?  I understand the feelings you carry for the loss of life, to live without coming to the realization of your destination. My love, I wrap my arms around you to share and cherish your moments of transformation. How will I take your passing without being selfish? You seek a life without pain and suffering of a hurting soul. You cry out to me in despair seeking the truth of how afraid you are, my dearest friend you are loved and blessed with the bounds of beautiful. To hear your sweet breath close to God,  I will hold you in my heart forever.
used grief


I ache for your protection, harboring in your fortress my guilt seeks for your forgiving heart. I have laid dormant for so long crying out for love, for passion persuading reverence. You walk with a distinguished spell owning the avenues of smokey hues, that flows in my forbidden doorways which I own. My body is awakening for a touch of your pulsating stone hard firecracker that explodes within my reflection. Lay your body firmly next to mine, you may clench your fists if that relieves your weary limbs… Allow me to unleash your wicked ways and make you beg for more.



I am absorbed in each moment that my breath leaves my soul, beautiful hues of smokey lit avenues awaken a brilliant sunset, for your love has captivated my privacy as the flow of sweet nectar drips from my tongue. Harboring a pulsating appetite, I crave your flesh, you are captivating and tender desiring the hunger for your touch. I am bordering a lost of my mind, feeling crazy with a thirst for sweet wine for I am drunk in love.







My ideas are blazing with sexual heat embracing the depth of my bodies temperature. My love can be haunting for you to capture within your dominate structure. Laying my body open for you to explore, crave and weep, I am not afraid, in fact, all my senses are turned on. The core of my withdrawals I have for your esteem… flavors me with bittersweet semblance I can dance to.







31746791_1644341429013975_8681442297625182208_nI flow roses from my lips the melting mixture of lust and sexual desire only you have given me, My inner core my whole being is conquered by your army of the essence. You are pure in your natural domination. I am weak without any defense. I have longed to be loved by you by anyone who finds me worth their heart. Give me the chance to show my humble defense for without you I feel nothing but desolate surroundings.

The beauty of my day~

My day has been productive and tranquil, rain fell from the skies and it felt wonderful as it dripped upon my face… I felt alive. My garden is becoming more beautiful day after day.  I planted new flowers and how it enhanced the foliage. I love to create new enchanting art. How it enfolds colors with love and everything you dare to imagine. My thoughts are abundant as I relish in the delight of feeling these emotions. The evening is near and my mind is relaxing with the thoughts and daydreams I glimpsed throughout moments I embraced. How I am lucky to have a beautiful voice to express my life.


Paint-Stained Floors

I admit I am passive for love. The avenue of seduction that I crave is raw and subtle, making you an instrument of my soul. Your entity is a creative sacrifice, a wholeness that creeps out of your heart to my paint-stained floors. Torn into rags of erotic pleasures. I seek you out as a lion seeks out his prey. I have no mercy for you. I was not made to be weak but strong in my longings., I have found you and want you to become part of me, for I have found love.33428414_1666090463505738_4688939655310082048_o



I am safe and whole. My body is an extension of the finest art. My essence…The spirit awaking to the sweet perfection God made of me. Sketch me colorful on your blank tapestry with fine oils that imprint elegance and innocence. I am…brilliant and vibrant,  Compelling a provocative rapture upon the earth. My youth defined my future by knowing the craft of forgiveness and blessing my body. Understanding the masterpiece of attraction and devotion I am stripped of all doubts. I spare no moments chasing emptiness that abundantly fascinates me.

Monday Morning Gratitudes


This morning I looked out my window and noticed the fresh rain drizzling on the green grass. I was instantly more reflective, succumbed and refreshed. I felt the greatness of something beyond my life. The moments where the little things gave me wonderful reasons to believe that hope existed. I craved and desired the multitudes of realistic adventures  I knew I could attain, and endure within the realm of my passions. Greatness grasped my soul and instantly I was lifted up to seduction.  I reflected on my gratitude and was at peace.

~The elements of season enriched with flavors.

~My family, well and happy.

~Devotion within my life of endeavors.

~The taste of fantasies created in my imagination.

~My memories from childhood that I hold special in my heart.

~For God, The belief in something greater than myself.

For these I am Grateful.



She was fierce within herself. Her rare presence excited her passions..of love, seduction, a rapture for passion-pulsing beauty. Her lips tasted of topaz wine. Her soul was brilliant, embracing her sexuality. which was rich and sweet. She flowed through you. Embracing your hunger from her blazing tonic. Dwelling within your shelter.


Today’s Gratitudes

Today, I am so grateful for many things in my life. I look around myself at the world that No, I am not alone. I sometimes get so caught up in life’s circumstances that I fail to see the beauty and uniqueness of breathing in and out…relaxing.  Today I am grateful for:

My first-morning breath.

The realization that I have friends that care about me.

For knowing that I have a voice…to be heard, to make a difference in life, to say Good-morning.

My Son loves me.

I love my son unconditionally.

Today is going to be a great day!





Desolation is mine for I have surrendered all my existence
that have been wounded.
Without ever attempting to persuade all of my perfections enclosure
I have sunk into a blinding extension of myself
Before my discovery…
I laid wounded in a deep scented bath…
Of bitterness
Damaged freedom entangled me
Complexities of my soul harbored defections
My regards for denial savored suspension
The apex of my stolen fate left me
Seized to explore my existence
Defeated with the absence for the hurt that laid me open

I was confused …I had suffered abusage in complete failure
The euphoric conviction I craved had lost its way
Absorbed with all my crevasses I was building up seemed
To no longer matter….
I was carried like an explosion awakening upon the Earth
Beyond my control a reservoir of Divine extract delivered me
It covered me in the sweet fragrance of my own femininity
The compass that directed my birth
I was deserving and desirable
The afterglow in my heart bared exhibition
The extension of love
Crashed into all my senses…
My solemn life had been rescued.



Disturbed… my madness seems to become
I am woven into a haunting fury.
caged within my own dwelling
I am lost …constrained
I keep my strength from beckoning for permission
Laying my body open… desperate and consumed.
Inflamed with my own insanity
Crying out to release me from here
I only see barriers of misery
How the air is thick that swells over me
Abandoned by my deepest plea.
My life is wild…extreme.



My life was utopia…a brillance in art
on a realm of a mysterious revival.
Indulging in such a sweet aftertaste of bewilderment
I found myself wandering in a dense fog.
Collapsing I fell to the hardened dirt beneath me
Inhaling the misty air that I was surrounded by
my limbs felt hollow and weak.
Crazy subdued thoughts raced across the crest of my mind leaving me agitated for memory
I could not place my heightened fever
for having, it came across me so dreadfully.
I was lost in my own abyss cradling to the cement walls that hindered my escape.
I was being fused to another time and place
Blurry descriptions and scenes flew before me
through a bitter frenzy for I couldn’t relate to what I was seeing.
When In front of me a shallow light appeared…
it drew me into the center of my core,
I felt like I was drowning yet had no fear.
I knew of this place and its solitude.
The boundaries were familiar and its walls shimmered.
My spirit awoke to a haunting vigor.
it took over me
my breath was warm
my mind released
I saw me complete.


Sensual Appetite~


I am salacious in the way my body moves to your dominance…
enticed and thrown into a wake of intoxicating flavors.
Heeding to every thought that tangles up in my mind,
give me a reason to deny the urges that drown within me.
My body is suffering my lips have done without…
My love is welled up by your unforgiving virile.
Feeling ragged and in drought… quench my thirst flowing.
My desires are sublime
My breath inviting as sweet nectar
Play for me an erotic tune
So that my ache no longer exists.